Founder Institute

I’ve graduated from the Founder Institute.

Some of my friends, when they become aware that I was enrolled in the Founder Institute, an entrepreneur training and startup launch program, helping aspiring founders across the globe build enduring technology companies, ask me about my personal objectives, specially to someone like me that already pass the 50 years (slightly). I was probably one ofthe oldest, including mentors and directors.



During the first weeks my answer was hesitant and ambiguous. And every time I received devastating but objective and fair feedback, the question plump over my head.

But because I consider myself a good listener, but most important I have good levels of auto reflection and inner conscious, I understood that this is part of the process to build enduring technology companies. As an architect I know that, to build something that have to last, you must have a very good project (idea), a skillful contractor, and the economic and human resources to do it. And of course, all this must be done with the right (project) management.

Today it is easy to answer to that question. I have working experience, I have a long professional track record, but if I am going to build my company, must be supported by the best technologic means. And the Founder Institute is the best program to pursue that objective.

And the reason why I am writing this is only because I would like to encourage others like me, to make the same route.  It’s not easy, but as it is written in my profile page “I believe everything in life has to be (always) with hard work and talent.”

The hard work part in the program, is quite easy to understand and it was clear to me from the beginning. It requires a lot of commitment, great effort, and true endeavor. You have to believe in what you’re aiming.

The talent part it´s hardest to explain (probably easy to feel), but I am going to try to make my point with some brief notes.

Innovation is more than just a good idea, and you have to run a process. Validate, Ideate, Develop and Implement. And to do this you must be a Talent creative manager.

To build an enduring technology company you must have great collaborators, if possible a truly Talent team. And for that you have to be a Talent leader.

Talent in product development, in sales strategy, in branding and marketing.

Talent in problem solving.

Talent in managing the balance between your work, your family and your friends, and still have time for yourself. This was probably the most challenging part of the Founder Institute Program.

With FI Program I’ve done a step forward to change the construction and real estate activity in to a more technological and innovative industry.

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